Why should I use Terra Forma cards?

Every artist, writer, etc. occasionally hits an ideation wall! Often we find ourselves in a rut of using the same material or re-creating the same ideas in our work. As an artist, Terra Forma Cards can help you generate new ideas for new works of art, as well as formulate new connections between media and processes. And as a writer, Terra Forma can guide you to unique topics and connections in any form of written expression!

I am a teacher. Can Terra Forma cards help my students?

Terra Forma is a fun, interactive springboard activity that can help students through the ideation process! The cards can be used individually or in groups to help students formulate unique connections that will inspire their work. 

How do I know Terra Forma cards are right for my students?

One thing that makes Terra Forma Cards so unique is that it is a completely modular process! Therefore, teachers can decide what parts they control, and what parts students are able to handle.

Are Terra Forma cards only for students?

Definitely not! Terra Forma is intended for anyone that wants to stretch their creative muscles and formulate unique connections in their work. 

What is the difference between the Art Edition and the Humanities Edition?

The art deck is intended to help artists develop a unique idea for a work of art that connects concrete subject matter to abstract conceptual underpinnings. The humanities deck is intended to help the user develop a unique topic for a written response, including essays, research papers, abstracts, etc. These topics will help you find connections between time periods, geography, literature, world events, and notable people throughout history.