Terra Forma is a Creative Connections Catalyst.


In the today’s world, Elementary School, Middle School, High School and College students have constant and unrelenting access to 360-degrees of information at all times.


The Terra Forma Cards system is a solution to help students organize, compartmentalize and connect all this educational and social information into a meaningful conceptual framework. 

Terra Forma, in all its variations, is an interactive springboard activity that guides students through the learning, research and doing processes of their educational experiences. Whether a school district is emphasizing the 4C’s, the 5E’s, cross-curriculum PBL’s or STEM/STEAM as a way to package student learning, Terra Forma Cards can be the students (and teachers) catalyst to generating connections, original ideas and unique projects and final products.


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Richardson ISD loves the Terra Forma Cards. Michael Warren professionally trained my art teachers with techniques that allow for all students to demonstrate active participation and cognitive engagement in the topic or Big Art Idea being investigated. I would recommend this product for students and teachers looking to build creative self-expression through a series of student led investigations of unrelated ideas. These cards are truly an interactive springboard that helps students develop a unique artistic concept by facilitating unique & thoughtful connections.
— Myron Stennett, Director of Visual Arts K - 12, Richardson ISD
“Our visual arts teachers are using Terra Forma Cards in so many ways! The cards serve as catalysts for idea development and inspire students to push themselves to connect concepts and ideas. The cards also emphasize the importance of student voice and choice and help students take ownership over their own decision-making. From elementary to AP, these cards are a fantastic resource for any innovative classroom!”
— Judy Condon, Supervisor, Cobb County School District
The Terra Forma Cards are a fantastic creativity enhancement tool. Grand Prairie ISD K-12 Visual Arts Faculty will use the Art Edition, Elementary Art Edition, and Humanities Edition to develop critical thinking skills, generate ideas for art projects and processes, and make connections between themes and concepts. The Professional Development provided by Michael Warren was a great introduction to the cards and how they can be incorporated into a variety of art classes. We plan to work with Mr. Warren again in the future, for more in-depth teacher training on advanced concepts with the cards.
— Judy Stone-Nunneley, Visual Arts Coordinator, Grand Prairie ISD
Can I just say these cards (I have the original art deck) are probably the most profound thing I have come across in shifting the way I teach in the last 5 years. These cards are an amazing tool to help students get unstuck when they are short on ideas, allows for students to be more independent with idea generation and project creation. These can be used as a group collaboration tool, a way to have students be assigned a random partner for other activities, or just as a way to hold a conversation about aesthetic choice and preference. The elementary art cards have just been released and I have mine on order, I am so excited I can barely stand it!!!
— Abi Paytoe Gbayee, WAEA President

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